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Our larger dining room hosts up to 137 at long tables and 126 at round tables. We do have a smaller dining room which is ideal for smaller guest numbers.

There is also a marquee site, adjacent to the Walled Garden, suitable for marquee weddings of up to 200+ guests. 

The absolute limit is 215 guests on site.

Apart from on certain nights of the year (e.g. around Easter) the party can run until 1am.

It would be a very long list for us to list everything available for your use at the venue, the best way to see and hear about them all is to arrange a viewing.

But, for example. we have a mobile PA system (great for relaxed speeches in the garden or Courtyard), background sound systems in the dining rooms, all the dining tables and chairs you’ll need, outdoor tables and chairs, brazier, lanterns, festoon lights.

Just to note – we don’t believe in charging you extra for every table and chair… if on the day you suddenly decided to have your speeches in the garden as the weather is glorious instead of having them in the dining room, we’ll pop the PA system up and off you go.

Remember, Tullyveery is a family home, and when you have your wedding with us, you and your guests are part of the family. This means, just like you would expect from any family member, you can expect from us care, attention to detail, dedication to making sure everything goes right, and doing whatever is necessary to ensure every aspect of your day is just how you want it.

A package, like the sort you would see being offered at hotel style venues, is far too tying in our opinion. We don’t want you to be limited by some pre-set range of choices. Instead, we support you building up your own, unique and personalised, ‘package’. Some couples have a clear vision in mind right from the start and don’t need our assistance, whereas some couples will get our help to build up their perfect day which makes the planning no more onerous than if you did go for a package wedding – whatever works for you. So, in brief, no, we don’t offer packages!

A wedding at Tullyveery is not a pre-prescribed set routine, but what is great (and what we love to see) is how each couple make the place their own and tune it to their own mad and wonderful ideas. This applies to the catering too – you can have barbecues, buffets, food vans, or fine dining – it is up to you. There are lots of brilliant caterers who have worked at Tullyveery over the years. When we understand the sort of food you would like to have we can introduce you to some suggested companies, or if you already have a company in mind then that is great too.

The Tullyveery estate consists of extensive grounds, gardens, reception rooms, the main family house, as well as a working farmyard and agricultural land. Guests are welcome to walk the maintained grounds, gardens and receptions rooms at their leisure. We even light up parts of the grounds in the evening so guests can continue to enjoy them. The bridal party are also welcome into the main house for photographs within the formal Dining Room, Drawing Room and Front Hall. There is also a powder room available in the house for the bridal party who can come and go as they please throughout the day. We ask guests to remain away from the farmyard and agricultural land for their own safety. However, the couple will often go out to the fields after dinner to get some brilliant sunset shots – during this time they’ll be accompanied by a member of the Tullyveery Team to ensure they don’t get mucky!

You and your guests will be the only visitors to Tullyveery. The only other people around will be the suppliers who’s services you’ve enlisted, the Tullyveery team and the family.

We cannot emphasise enough how we are entirely focused to ensure your wedding day is stress free for you and your guests. For this reason, we provide access from noon the day before your wedding till noon the day after. This means you and your suppliers can come the day before and ensure everything is just how you want it. It also means you’re not going to be rushing after a busy night partying to collect together all your items – you can come back and get them the following morning.

We are not a hotel venue and hence do not have accommodation to host all guests. However, there are numerous local B&Bs some of which host over 20 guests. Couples with guests coming from over-seas sometimes like to host their guests in a Belfast hotel, letting them take in the tourist sights, and then provide a bus to bring them to and from the venue. We’re only about 30 minutes from the closest Belfast hotels.

We have good experience with a range of different suppliers and can normally make a recommendation for whatever service you’re looking for. There is also the option of using the in-house florists who know the venue inside-out and hence can advise you on your best floral options.

We have a large grassed car park adjacent to the house where the majority of guests will park. There is also another smaller car park closer to the Walled Garden and Courtyard. Cars can be left overnight (at owners own risk) and collected the next morning. No cars (apart from bridal cars) will be parked at the front of the house (got to keep the amazing view clear!).

There is space for single deck buses and coaches to access and turn at Tullyveery.

Just to note we also have a small grounds vehicle which can be driven by a member of the Tullyveery team to assist any guests around the grounds.

To be honest – we like to have everything so well planned and organised in advance, there isn’t too much for us to do on the day! There are however lots of little jobs which do need done on the day – perhaps best put that we ensure your day runs like clockwork and that you don’t have an ounce of stress or worry! There are lots of little things which we like to make sure are just right which come together to provide a magical and unforgettable day (even down to ensuring the restrooms are still clean and tidy at 1am just as you head home as they were at 1pm when you arrived – perhaps not the most glamorous but nonetheless important!).

Drones may be operated as long as the operator is accompanied by a member of the Tullyveery Team – this is to ensure they remain over the Tullyveery Estate and don’t stray on to adjacent farm land.

Fireworks are unfortunately not allowed due to the impact they have on local wild and farming animals. However, sparklers are permitted.

Candles may be used up to and during the meal as long as they are placed in a suitable container. After the meal they will be extinguished or replaced with an electric candle.

Yes, it is possible to host your ceremony at Tullyveery and not have a reception afterwards. Equally it is possible to only have a reception and to host your ceremony elsewhere before coming to us.

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