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Been invited to a wedding or event at Tullyveery? We look forward to welcoming you!


In this post we’ll provide some useful information including local accommodation options, navigation and local taxi numbers.

Picture of front of Tullyveery House with shadows of tree.


Tullyveery remains a private family home and is only open to invited guests during events. If for some reason you need to visit us in advance or after the event you are attending please drop us an email or give us a call to arrange a time in advance.


Tullyveery is situated about 30 minutes from Belfast, in the south County Down countryside. Unless your hosts have arranged transport (e.g. a private coach), you will need to plan ahead with arranging transport to/from the venue as there are no Ubers and Taxis can book up in advance.

When getting dropped off, ask the taxi to stop at the front of the main house where you will be greeted and directed to the main reception area. 

If you are coming from/returning to Belfast, you are best booking in advance with Value Cabs

However, if you are coming from/travelling to somewhere in the vicinity (e.g. to one of the excellent local B&Bs), then we would suggest one of the following local taxis:

  • VC Cabs (Crossgar) – 07974 260 597
  • Downpatrick Taxis – 02844 614 515
  • Killinchy Private Hire – 07761 762 629
Please do arrange transport in advance – it will not be possible to hail a taxi at 1am when you are heading home!


Tullyveery is not a hotel venue and hence we do not have accommodation on site for guests. There are however lots of excellent B&Bs available within a few minutes drive.

Larger local options include:
You will also find plenty more on Airbnb.
If you would prefer to stay in Belfast, there are a range of excellent hotel options covering a range of prices. 
Tullyveery House Front Avenue VW Camper Van Arriving

Photo credit: Andrew McKenna


There is plenty of on-site parking (at no charge). The main car park is accessed via a slip-road to the right as you drive up the Front Avenue. From the main car park it is a short walk (about 2 minutes) to the main reception areas. 

If you require parking closer to the venue (if you have a pram, or require wheelchair access), there is a smaller car park available. Please drive straight up the Front Avenue and past the front of the house. You will see a sign directing you into the ‘House Car Park’.

It is important you only park in allocated areas to facilitate access for buses, taxis, and emergency services, 

No parking is permitted at the front of the house except for bridal cars being used for photographs.

Parking is at your own risk, however cars are allowed to be left overnight and collected by 3pm the following day.

Bus arriving at front of house

Photo credit: Pop Photography

Some other notes

Wireless internet is available at the venue (this is not a super-fast connection). Please ask a member of the team for the wifi code.

All rooms within the venue are accessible via step-free routes – if you require any assistance on the day, please do speak to a member of the Tullyveery Team.

The Courtyard and pathways around the grounds are gravelled (loose) so please consider this when selecting your footwear.

We encourage guests to enjoy the grounds, and parts of the day may be based outside. You may therefore wish to bring a warm outerwear garment with you, depending on the time of year.

A disabled toilet is available within the Courtyard restrooms.

A quiet private space is available for napping babies and for those who prefer to breastfeed in private. Baby changing facilities are available within the Courtyard restrooms.

There is no public café on site and there are no ‘bar snacks’ available. Your catering will have been specially selected by your hosts, supplied by external catering companies. Drinks are available to be purchased at the bar if the bar has been requested to be open by your hosts.

Being rurally located, there is no cash machine at/near the venue (closest is in Killyleagh – about 2 miles away). However card payments are accepted at the bar.


Map showing location of Tullyveery

Tullyveery is located just off the B6 between Killyleagh and Saintfield (about 2 miles outside of Killyleagh).

Some additional guidance is provided below:

  • From Comber
    1. Travel into Killyleagh on the A22 and turn right – signposted ‘Corssgar Saintfield B7’.
    2. Drive up past the Castle and continue for two miles.
    3. After passing a short row of terrace houses on the left, take the left onto Ardigon Road (if you see a large lake on your right as you go down a hill, you have just missed the entrance to the Ardigon Road).
    4. The entrance to Tullyveery is located 100 yards up the Ardigon Road.
  • From Downpatrick
    1. Travel into Killyleagh on the A22 and turn left- signposted ‘Corssgar Saintfield B7’.
    2. Follow steps 2-4 for travelling from Comber (above).
  • From Saintfield
    1. 7 miles from Saintfield, travelling along the B6, you will pass a lake on the left hand side. After passing the lake take the hard right at hairpin bend onto Ardigon Road.
    2. The entrance to Tullyveery is located 100 yards up the Ardigon Road.
  • From Crossgar
    1. From Crossgar, take the road signposted to Killyleagh (B7).  Continue on this road until you come to a T-junction, at which you should turn left. 
    2. Drive for just less than 2 miles and then follow steps 3 & 4 for travelling from Comber (above).

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