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Johnny and Terri | Sam Wolsey Photography

A photographer or videographer often has the easiest and the hardest job in the industry we find. You might think they just turn up, take a few pictures, get a free meal and email you over the photos and ‘that’s it’ but you could not be more mistaken.

They have to get so much right! Certainly we provide the venue and have to orchestrate and run a smooth event, working closely with the suppliers our couples choose, but the photographer has to capture those magical moments that will be hung on walls, put in albums and sent to family all around the world. They only have one shot (or multiple depending how fast their shutter speed is!) to capture that first kiss, that tear before it falls and so much more!

Capturing the atmosphere of a wedding day is not easy! Never mind getting everyone looking at the camera. Then there is the photo selections and editing that come afterwards. That all being said it is a wonderful job, and a real honour to be asked to play such a huge role in a couples big day.

The anticipation for our couples awaiting their pictures is always sky high but the wait is always worth it when that USB/album/link arrives! We too cannot wait to see how the day is portrayed in the photography and videography by their chosen suppliers.

We thought it would be helpful for our future couples to see a sample of the photographers who have shot here at Tullyveery. We asked them to send us a sample of some of their most memorable shots, their thoughts on Tullyveery and a brief bio about themselves and their photography style to help any couple’s researching photographers for their big day. We really hope it helps!

Remember, photographers see multiple venues every week (well maybe not in 2020 but let’s not go there!) so their opinion on a venue, it’s layout, grounds, management etc is invaluable. They see it behind the scenes and front of house so know more than anyone in that respect.

We hope you enjoy the blog and would like to thank the below photographers who got involved. We really enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane looking at the pictures they sent in.

The Team at Tullyveer arrives

Jonathan Ryder Photography

I always relish the chance to get back to Tullyveery. It's one of my favourite wedding locations in Northern Ireland. 

It's exciting just heading up the driveway. Glimpses of the Co. Down countryside flicker between the trees and the grounds are beautiful. There's a welcoming, homely quality to the house itself, despite its stately appearance.

From a photographer's perspective, there are gorgeous backgrounds at every turn, which are perfect for shooting portraits - and it works in every season. The interior of the house is lovely too, so if the weather is against you, there are great fall-backs.

I've always found the team at Tullyveery to be excellent. Weddings there seem to run so well, with suppliers being really well catered for and everyone knowing what they're doing. Best of all, each wedding at Tullyveery feels genuinely unique, reflecting all that each couple brings to their day, rather than a formula pre-set by the venue.

My best memory of shooting at Tullyveery is walking backwards up the drive behind the house at the wedding of one of my couples, shooting as their guests hurled confetti over them after their ceremony. I knew the shots were great, but they were just so happy and it was a delight to be there with them.

My work is about preserving the story of your wedding day - recording and documenting real moments naturally, before they disappear. I don't want your photos to be about your reaction to your photographer. I want them to take you back to how the day really felt - so I watch and observe, instead of asking you to do anything differently.

We could be a good fit for each other if ...

- You want photos that capture how the day really felt.

- You're looking for a story-teller, who sees the beauty in little moments as well as the more obvious ones

- You need a photographer who'll work quietly, without fuss, and won't make you feel awkward (even when shooting portraits).

Jonathan Ryder Photography

Lynn Stanfield Photograpahy

I love weddings at Tullyveery! Beautiful grounds and a fab team bring together a picture perfect wedding day. My style is relaxed, romantic and fun and is a perfect match with Tullyveery - beautiful outdoor ceremonies in the pretty walled garden, laughter on the swing, and relaxing by the brazier in the courtyard at night - so many lovely locations to capture wedding memories!

I’m an award winning wedding photographer based in NI and live just outside Belfast with my hubby Jonathan and dog Bella. My style is natural and fun, allowing you to relax also so that we can capture you enjoying your fabulous wedding day! I love the romance of weddings and capturing moments and memories of a wonderful day.

Lynn Stanfield

Francis Meaney Photography

Tullyveery House is one of the most beautiful dream wedding venues in Northern Ireland. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor ceremony, Tullyveery truly has it all. With picture perfect surroundings and experienced, passionate staff, who work their magic to deliver your special day, it really is the perfect mix.

We are Francis & Sarah, a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Northern Ireland. We look for couples who are absolutely crazy about each other. Couples who can laugh at themselves, and are willing to embrace a little fun. We specialise in story telling, our goal is to document your love and create a story for you both to relive and cherish forever. We photograph weddings as they unfold naturally, without being contrived as we want your images to be genuine. Using a documentary style approach to capture all those moments, details, atmosphere, emotion and happiness of your day.

Francis Meaney

Angel NI Photography

'Tullyveery - What can I say.....an amazing venue with stunning gardens and a unique charm. The team always go above and beyond for their couples, ensuring a magical and stress free wedding day. As a photographer, the grounds are a dream - a beautiful walled garden, lawns and fields of long grasses, perfect for the timeless imagery'.

At Angel Photography and Film we LOVE weddings! We love the fashion, the themes and the tiny details. The preparations, the emotions and the outpouring of love. That moment when you first see each other at the top of the aisle, the mischievous twinkle in the pageboy's eye, and the little runaway tear during speeches. But most of all, we love capturing all of this for you, in our quiet and unassuming way. We want to capture the happy moments, the emotional moments and all the in-between moments - we’re casual observers, watching events as they unfold to tell the perfect wedding day story.

Angel photography

X+O Photography

The first time I photographed a wedding at Tullyveery I fell totally in love with this gorgeous Georgian home and it’s beautiful walled gardens. The house has such a romantic feel, from the styling of the rooms to the soft light that streams in through the windows. There are so many gorgeous little spots for photographs that I’m always excited to come back. But it’s not all about looks! The warm and relaxed vibe that’s created by all of the staff here make this venue extra special, with the whole team so clearly dedicated to making sure each couple has a fantastic day. If you’re getting married in the next few years you need to view this beautiful setting - without doubt one of my favourite wedding venues in Ireland!
X+O Photography

Hello, hi, how are ya, my name is Stephanie and I’m a wedding photographer based in Belfast. I am such a sucker for love and so documenting one of the most love-filled and special days for a couple is my absolute favourite! My style is heavy on romance but in a modern way. I love photographs that show emotion and connection. Obsessed with the good light. Extroverted introvert. Hug enthusiast. I like to keep things chilled.

Stephaine X + O Photography

Laura Curran Photography

When I get a new enquiry through and the couple put “Tullyveery House” in the venue box, I do a little happy dance… You couldn't beat it, heritage blooms, walls dripping in history, yet with a family vibe...class. And that ceremony garden...dreams… Tullyveery suits us as we feel we are relaxed storytellers. We dive in, creatively, emotionally, visually. Give us somewhere cool to shoot, some lovely light, a whole loada craic and we can create magic.
Laura J Curran

My Photography style is very much a documentary practice and connecting with others which translates into wedding photography so well. I want to express the connection between family members and the emotions of the day.

I am always concerned with how the couple/family are enjoying the moment that they are in rather than taking them away from their day. For me its more about showing what it is like to be there at that moment in time and the full experience of the day.

I love telling peoples stories in a way that they feel represents them and shows all the emotions they felt on their wedding day.

Laura Curran photography

Leigh Parke Photography

"When a new wedding enquiry comes through I am always eager to see what venue the couple has chosen, and when that venue is Tullyveery House I am very excited. I could spend hours photographing in the amazing grounds that Tullyveery has to offer, each section gives you so much to create stunning images for brides and grooms to treasure. Not only is it a great venue inside and out, but a big part of a couple's day is also spent alongside the staff working at the venue. Everyone at Tullyveery is absolutely amazing, bending over backwards so that couples are happy and everyone has the best day possible."

I have been photographing weddings since 2010, loving every minute of it! Over the years my style and approach to weddings has developed to what it is today. I am there at your wedding to make sure everyone has a laugh and that having your photo taken isn't painful! My aim is to photograph couples being themselves without feeling awkward. I also set myself a challenge to create that 'wow' shot with the help of a camera flash.

Leigh Parke Photography

Grant Jones Photogrpahy

"Tullyveery is incredible! It's beautiful, private and has the nicest wedding team ever! This isn't a venue where couples are on a conveyor belt, Charlie & Gwen really care about their clients having the best day possible. I've witnessed first hand how attentive the team is to the couples, their family, friends and everyone involved. Gwen invited me down to the venue to have a look about before the wedding and I'm very glad I did! Tullyveery has so many stunning locations on site it's hard to get round them all...that's a pretty good problem to have as a photographer. If you want a gorgeous venue and an even better team, this is it."

I started out shooting gigs before weddings and figured out pretty quick I enjoy shooting anything with great people and a whack of energy! I like getting in the middle of it all and taking photos to show off some genuine moments. I don't really know how to describe my shooting style, it's somewhere in between capturing natural moments and being a bit rock 'n' roll!

Grant Jones Photography

Gavin Sloan Photography

"I simply love shooting at Tullyveery, Its so unique. Anytime I talk to a bride about a wedding there, I immediately think of the country house tranquillity and the amazing grounds. The staff and experience are second to none in my opinion".

Our photography style is a relaxed and modern, offering a bespoke service to every couple. With two photographers from morning preparations to the first dance. We are there to capture all those genuine, beautiful and precious memories.

Gavin Sloan Photography

Simple Tapestry

"As photographers, the magic of Tullyveery is that there are so many options for portraits. We loved it since we first shot a wedding there many years ago. Not only do you have the classically beautiful backdrops of the walled garden and the immaculate lawns overlooking the Mournes, there are so many little rustic nooks to explore in all the seasons. It means we can really get creative with our photography and that is when we're happiest. But best of all, Tullyveery is just one of those places that makes everyone feel relaxed - this helps us get the very best candid photos of guests. And in Charles, Gwen and the whole team, there's a real understanding of how best to let a wedding flow freely while never missing a single detail."
Brideen & Deci
Simple Tapestry Photography

Hi, we're Brideen and Deci, the husband & wife team behind Simple Tapestry Wedding Photography. We love the excitement, romance, beauty, and unpredictability that every wedding brings with it. Wedding photography allows us to be creative, and that's when we're happiest. We like to capture things as they unfold; documenting if we can help it, without interfering too much. Check out some real weddings on our blog to get a feel for our photography style.

Brideen & Deci - Simple Tapesrty Photography

More Than Anything Photography

"Tullyveery House is one of the most beautiful locations in Northern Ireland to photograph a wedding. The stunning surrounding countryside, views stretching down to the Mourne Mountains and rustic yet elegant buildings make our job as photographers to produce beautiful images for our clients easy! A super friendly team are there to help on the day and every time I have been at Tullyveery the wedding day has been relaxed and everyone has enjoyed themselves. That is due in no small part to the incredible organisation of the team there."

We love to capture romantic, joyful, natural images on the wedding day and get excited when we know Tullyveery is where we're are going. It's a perfect backdrop and always delivers amazing days out.

Jordan and Megan Fraser

Sam Wolsey Photography

This was a super special wedding for me, I got to be part of one of my oldest friends wedding day! Johnny and Terri had the most epicly beautiful autumnal wedding at Tullyveery House. The team was unreal!!
Sam Wolsey

It constantly amazes me what can be captured in a photograph. I strive to embrace the vibe of the day, to capture the heart, the love, the emotion and authenticity of every moment. My aim is to always capture who you are, not a posed unrealistic you, a real you; we are all made unique and in my eyes that's awesome! I love to make people smile, laugh and cry (for the right reasons).

Sam Wolsey

Thank-you to all of the photographers who took part in this  blog.

The Team at Tullyveery.

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